Meet Shea

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Dr. Shea Kamlet

Hi, I am Shea Kamlet, a holistic psychologist, health advocate, and fellow traveler offering a relational approach to the sacred work of coming to know you and supporting you in recognizing your goals.

My Approach

When we feel uncertain about how to move forward, it can be helpful to work with someone who gives us focused attention, asks intuitive questions, and gently leads us to a clearer understanding. Dr. Shea Kamlet believes that each of us is doing the very best we can with the resources we have. Therapy is an effective way of expanding our resources. Her warm and empathetic manner invites clients to explore their relationship openly and honestly, which allows opportunities for healing and repair. Dr. Kamlet’s years of experience and training promote success in the counseling process.

Awaken to Your Innate Wisdom

Therapy helps by enhancing our awareness, by giving us insight into the areas of our lives that may have been outside of our awareness. We see familiar situations and events in a new light, often discovering an awareness of interpersonal patterns in relationships, patterns of self-defeating behavior, or coping behaviors that we have leaned on in the past that are outdated and ineffective. Therapy helps you develop new strategies to help you manage relationship challenges more effectively.

It is virtually impossible to see yourself in all of your complexity, as others do, without the benefit of a neutral, objective professional. Working with a trusted therapist will enable you to explore and discover yourself in a way that makes authentic living possible.

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A Soulful Journey

Remember who you are.

In one of my earliest memories, I sat quietly with my eyes closed, completely still. I’m not sure how long this went on for. Eventually, my mom asked, “What is it that you do when you sit so still?” I didn’t know the word for meditation then. She probably didn’t either. But now, I can say that is exactly what was going on. It was a way of listening to the deepest parts of myself, the stirrings in my belly, it was a process of self-discovery. With time, I was drawn into the outer world, which is deeply engaging in its own way. There, I forgot what I knew intuitively as a young child. I have spent my adult years tracing my way back.

My path called me by name.

Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that at 14, I announced my intention to become a psychologist. Our 9th-grade class was studying a unit on careers. Each student was asked to select a career that interested them, research education and training requirements, interview someone in the community who did that type of work, and write a paper on the findings. Passion and deep curiosity were awakened in my heart and my belly. My path called me by name. And, I listened.

Grief was my teacher.

Life, as it does, offered me a circuitous route of study. My mom, who in many ways remains my greatest love, was diagnosed with cancer when I was 18. I had only just begun college from which I promptly withdrew. I stayed by her side almost entirely. Sadly, she died six months later. I am grateful for every shared moment together. The grief that I experienced became my teacher, never leaving my side. Shaping every choice I made for the following decade.

My broken heart found its medicine.

Almost immediately, I enrolled in nursing school followed by nurse practitioner studies in functional health and integrative nutrition. My first job after school was working with children who were diagnosed with cancer. Grief was still a heavy presence in my life. It moved through me in such a way that I felt motivated to support families who were experiencing their own tragic loss. My life had meaning.

This, too, was my medicine.

With time, I started my own family becoming a mother to three amazing children. Without a doubt, they remain my life’s greatest teachers awakening me to the ways of love, the care and upkeep of relationships, and the power of trusting their choices. Life was precious and simple. It was messy and hard. There were meltdowns, some for them, some for me. Every moment was dedicated to meeting someone’s needs, every new experience for one of them became a shared discovery for all of us, and we grew together as a family. We sang songs, went on bike rides, cooked at home, read books together, and went downhill skiing every weekend. We were a typical Colorado family.

The wisdom that lived silently in my belly was now calling me back.

Almost without warning, I was jolted back to my early life experience remembering the stillness from deep within, the wisdom that had lived silently in my belly now was calling me back to the path of becoming a psychologist. The same source that had called me by name years before beckoned me to attention. Gratefully, my family was supportive of my decision to attend graduate school, and so it is that I began the next chapter of the unraveling of me.

Life is the guru.

Studying clinical psychology at the University of Denver, I was curious about every topic of study. It took purposeful disciple and dedicated support from mentors to help me to narrow my interests. It was years later at our graduation party that my mentor described me as intellectually curious, which I took to mean that I had a ton of questions covering just about everything. I am pretty sure that was true. The topics that captured my greatest attention were mindfulness, psychodynamic theory, the study of relationships, and neuroscience.

There is a dance we do: balancing the internal experience of “within” with the external experience of “between” one another. I was passionate about every aspect of this dance. Both: And. Both within, and between. This became my focus. My relationships were upgraded to something that, at the time, must have resembled psycho-babble (at least that’s what my kids told me), but it was my best attempt to put what I was learning into practice.

Sadly, my marriage didn’t survive the magical transformation that had taken hold of me. Life had more to teach me about endings and new beginnings. I committed to a practice of daily meditation, and when we had breaks from school I attended meditation retreats. There was nothing I would ask of a future client that I, myself, was unwilling to try. So, the experiment began.

Life had more to teach me about endings and new beginnings.

With many more questions than answers, I opened my private practice. The ink was still wet on my business cards proclaiming my newly minted status as Dr. Shea Kamlet. Very quickly, I realized that my education was only beginning. Clients are the real teachers. Life is the guru.

I trust that you know what you need.

I learned to listen, to really listen. When you are truly attuned, people will tell you their truth and show you their needs. My mantra became I trust that you know what you need. I partnered with them, we were curious together about what mattered to them, how they experienced others. I heard their greatest fears, at times we laughed, other times there were tears. They told me their story, not the cleaned-up version, but the real story, the one that has deep ancestral roots, the one that includes the parts of them that they wish were different, the hurts, the pains, the attempts to avoid, to numb, and to distract.

All parts of you are welcome here.

Together, we turned our attention to their life experiences, body sensations, and emotions that offered us clues about how they are organized, what’s important, what they value, the wounds, the disappointments, the hopes, the dreams. Together, we came to know their inner world. We were making sense together. We noticed life’s patterns, relational dynamics, and wished-for outcomes. And, together, we created new ones that were reorganized through the work.

Making sense together.

There is something magical about telling our story, letting ourselves be known to another trusted partner who is solely dedicated to honoring the therapeutic process and boundaries. There is a building of tension, a discovery, a resolution, and an integration that ultimately supports us on a more conscious path. I came to realize that the answers lie in the therapeutic relationship.

The relationship, itself, is the medicine.

Caring for your mind, body, spirit