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Shea Kamlet, Psy.D. 

I am so grateful you found your way here. Satori & Sage is a virtual community, a meeting place, designed to support you by providing trusted information and strategies for conscious living. I have spent the last 35 years integrating knowledge, training and experience from around the world. My approach weaves together central aspects of Western Psychology with the wisdom traditions of Eastern Philosophies.

I believe we are organized in an intelligent way (Sage), which at its core is striving for optimal health, wellbeing, and awakening (Satori).

I am committed to supporting you on your path as you move toward a more integrated and balanced way of life.

Claim a stronger sense of ourselves, expand insight into the role of interpersonal patterns and relationships, and gain a greater awareness of one's capacity for change and how to make those changes. The natural by-product of this type of personal reflection is an ability to be more grounded when confronted with life’s challenges, and an increased capacity to stay present with feelings that have been avoided in the past.


You Got ThiS, and I'm Here to Help

Satori & Sage is a fully virtual practice. Dr. Shea Kamlet is passionate about forming connections and provide opportunities for community bonding. Holistic approaches such as talk therapy, mindfulness, Hakomi, trauma tx, neuroscience, and Transpersonal influences such as Adyashanti and yoga practices can all be fulfilled in a virtual setting, in the comfort of your own home.

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A new study from the University of Bristol shows that humans use the same traits to be caring toward our partners as we do to nurture our children. This was discovered in a study to study how caregiving plays out in a family and how one relationship affects another. The study looked at 125 couples with children between 7 and 8 years old. It examined how the couples were attached to each other and the parenting styles that were used, as well...


Therapist Holly Brown writes that life is all about trade-offs. If people are willing to make trade-offs, they might not be able to have it all, but they can have a lot. What this means is examining the choices people make and what effect they have on other aspects of their lives. If it can be determined what things can be sacrificed or traded off in order to accomplish other things that are desired, a person can find an individual and very...


If a person doesn’t like where their life is at, they have not only the choice to change it, but also the obligation. The key is in taking small, manageable steps. While change may be hard, it is important to keep moving. If a person feel stuck, it is probably because they have ceased to move forward. Here are nine reasons why that might be the case. A person may be stuck if they can’t take responsibility for their circumstances. If a person...