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The Power of Rituals In Daily Life

Many of us practice the same routines every day: wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep. Daily life starts to seem a little repetitive, albeit a little boring, and sooner or later we start to feel trapped and begin craving a deeper meaning — something that makes each day feel less monotonous. A meaningful life is a textured life — a life that has some variety besides doing the same old same old — and one of the best ways to texture an otherwise “flat” day-to-day life is to use the power of rituals.

You may be thinking about superstition, spirituality, or religion, and while rituals can certainly involve those things, they can also just be seemingly normal moments that ground you. Let’s talk about how to bring some mindfulness into your day through rituals. I also offer mindfulness and meditation holistic psychotherapy that is great if you are looking to cultivate a deeper understanding of mindfulness and practical ways to incorporate that into your life. To learn more, visit my site or reach out to me directly.

What Are Rituals?

We can think of practicing rituals as a way to enact values that are important to us, which help us cultivate gratitude, courage, or connection to ourselves and others. They require three things: intention, attention, and repetition. By incorporating intention into our habits, we rewire our brains to pay attention to our bodies, thoughts, actions, and surroundings. You don’t necessarily need to start doing new things in your day, but rather identify routines you have and see how they might deepen those moments.

Why Do We Need Rituals?

We are modern, practical people who enjoy the structure of our everyday lives — why would we want to change that? We are flush with logic!

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that most people these days lack a sense of meaning in their day-to-day lives. I think it is also safe to say that most of us crave a sense of something bigger than the daily mundane in our lives, or a sense of significance that we can participate in. Most of the time, it all feels out of reach, like the only way to connect with this significance is to book a trip to St. Lucia or quit our 9-5 job. We can find a deeper connection to ourselves and our lives by just paying attention to what we do every day, and how we do them.

A ritual is just an act that takes intention or something significant from your heart and expresses it into the world, done on a regular basis. The result? You start to find a sense of sanctity in your day-to-day life. You begin to find more meaning, if not appreciate, the things that you do every day. The ceremonies you weave into the fabric of your daily life creates beauty and purpose.

How to Add Rituals Into Your Life

Spice Up Your Transitions

One of the easiest ways to add rituals, or deepen routine moments, is through transitions like eating breakfast, getting ready to go to work, commuting, and getting ready for bed. Each of these routines can be considered as a transition, and while they may look the same for you most days, these transitions can carry greater meaning if done as a ritual.

Identify parts of the routine that you enjoy and amplify them. For example, if you enjoy making coffee as a part of your morning routine, ritualize it by slowing down and savoring the experience. Take more note of how the coffee smells and how it makes you feel.

If you don’t particularly like your morning commute, perhaps find a way that would make it more meaningful for you. Listen to your favorite music, find new podcasts to enjoy, or use the time quietly to clear your mind and get yourself mentally ready for the day.

Ground Yourself in “Boring” Tasks

I would make the argument that many of our daily tasks, like washing the dishes, taking out the trash, or sweeping our homes are all considered boring chores that we can’t stand the thought of. We anticipate how awful they will be before we even begin doing them. Secretly, I find that once my hands are in the warm, soapy water and I’m scrubbing the dishes, I actually enjoy the chore..

It’s not that you have to make yourself excited to do chores, but rather that you appreciate the moment for what it is. Put yourself deep into the moment of performing a chore, bringing your awareness into how you move and what it feels like to perform the task. Give new meaning to the chore, and you may find that you no longer loathe the idea of it


Stepping away from our computers, cell phones, social media, and emails can be an extremely rewarding ritual, though a challenging one at first. Social media and screen time are just a part of our lives now, but finding the time to disconnect, if only for an hour, can bring some serious soulful goodness. Taking a step back from social media and electronics allows other things that we may have wanted to do, to actually happen. Maybe it’s journaling or meditating or reading a book. Make it a weekly ritual to disconnect for a little bit, and see what happens.

Final Thoughts

Rituals are deeply personal, and while this list can be used for inspiration, there is no blueprint, and you are encouraged to find something that speaks to you and adds value to your day. With time, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with adding rituals to your daily life and may even start to look forward to them.

I offer mindfulness and meditation sessions that aim in bringing more awareness to the parts of your life that you may not have listened to before or even knew were there. My holistic psychotherapy services in Denver are designed to meet you where you are and assist you in finding the connection between your bodily experience, thoughts, and spiritual life. Finding and cultivating a higher awareness takes time and effort, but I would be honored to assist you. Schedule an appointment with me today to get started. I look forward to working with you.